FULLER was established in November 15th, 2011, in a small apartment office near University of Tsukuba in Ibaraki, Japan.
Our office expanded as team members joined.Each team member improved over time, and so as Fuller did.
What makes Fuller are today is all the people's support and understanding.

Tsukuba Part.1 : an apartment office (Nov 2011-Mar 2012)

November 15th, 2011, Fuller begins operations in a 3 room apartment near University of Tsukuba in Ibaraki, Japan.
While members literally shared their life by eating and sleeping together in the apartment, they had developed and ran an application for digging smartphone apps.
December 2011, an investor in London came into contact with Fuller.

Tsukuba Part.2 : a whole house as an office (Apr 2012-Mar 2013)

Fuller raised 100 million yen seed round from London-based m8 capital,
which brought about its move from a apartment to a single house.They decided who cooked everyone’s meal each day by janken.
In summer 2012, They conducted a development camp in Nasu, and in September, they released a battery saver application ‘Mr. Mobile’.
Mr. Mobile marked over 100K downloads, which encouraged them to release other applications with OJISAN which became popular in Mr. Mobile.
December 2012, they carried out a tour visiting national college of technology in Japan with Microsoft Japan.
January 2013, They joined Evernote Hackathon in Tokyo, organized by Evernote.
There they met Ichiro Kawanabe, President and Chief Executive Officer of Nihon Kotsu Co.,Ltd. and Yoichiro Hirano, Director/Chairman of the Board of Infoteria Corporation.

Moriya (Apr 2013-Sep 2014)

In April 2013, Fuller moved out from the house due to their increase of team membersand set their office close to Moriya station of Tsukuba Express.
There was a local yakitori restaurant in the same building, where they celebrated members’ birthdays.
In May, Fuller developed taxi hiring application ‘Taxi OJISAN’, in cooperation with Nihon Kotsu Co.,Ltd.
Later in July, they released another product which later becomes ‘App Ape’, the examination service for smartphone application usage.
Their first participating in Tokyo Game Show was in September 2014, where they first met Naruatsu Baba, President and CEO of COLOPL, Inc.

A month in Silicon Valley (Jun 2014)

To break down their stagnancy, all of the member flew to Silicon Valley for an one-month development camp.
Welcoming new member during the camp, they met Global Catalyst Partners who were the future stockholders.

KOIL PART1 (Oct 2014-Apr 2015)

After their return to Japan, they made an entry to Asian Entrepreneurship Award 2014 held in Kashiwa no ha Open Innovation Lab (KOIL), which led them to decision of moving in.
In October, Team from Fuller won China-Japan Hackathon held in KOIL.
As a prize, they won the visiting tour to the venue of Shanghai hackathon, Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC), where companies with latest technology and entrepreneurs gather.
In November, celebrating 3rd year anniversary of their foundation, they released ‘App Ape Analytics’, an analysing tool that can be used on web browser without difficulty.
In the end of 2014, they announced that it has fundraised 230 million yen from Global Catalyst Partners, COLOPL, Inc., Opt, Inc., The Asahi Shimbun, Nihon Kotsu Co.,Ltd, Infoteria Corp., and individual investors such as Kensuke Furukawa.

Two weeks in Shanghai (Apr 2015)

Fuller held a development camp at Knowledge and Innovation Community (KIC), as part of a TEP Global Partners Program.

KOIL PART2 (May 2015- )

Taking the next business extension into account, Fuller enlarged their office three times as big as the original space in KOIL.
In May, they released ‘Sma-Phospital’, an application for device management made to solve the social issue of smartphone addiction. ‘OJISAN Factory’, a simulation game, was released month later.
In June, the number of registrants of App Ape Analytics released in 2014 increased to 4,000.


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